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Perimenopause and Menopause

"Can I handle the seasons of my life?"
~ Fleetwood Mac

Ready or not, here I come...


Who understands the concept of 'cycle' better than a woman?  It's been biologically forced on us nearly as far back as we can remember.   Even when we feel like we can't wait to get on with it, it's with mixed emotions.  If you're brave enough to say the words 'approaching menopause' to your doctor, likely the same question pops up:  "are you still having periods?"  As though you're not already experiencing years of unpleasant symptoms beforehand.  

Recognising tiny hormones are exacerbating things is the first step.  Cognitive-behavioural techniques and mindfulness exercises can help increase your mind and body self-awareness.  Hypnotherapy can help reduce symptoms like pain and hot flashes.  Hypnosis is often relaxing and comparable with the effects of meditation.  It reduces stress that is also making life feel just that much more difficult to manage at the moment.  

I'm designing a group programme; as this has the added benefit of wider emotional support from shared experiences.  However, I am but happy to work with you individually as well.

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