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Weight-loss and weight managment

Battling the Bulge?

Diet Orange

Employ H.A.B.I.T.S !!!


The keys to better weight loss and sustained management:

H:  Healthy, holistic focus on you 

A: Appetite

B: Binges and/or Emotional Eating

I:  Implementing your hypnotherapy 'gastric band'

T:  Tuning into your body's feedback

S:  Staying on track and maintenance 

This group weight-loss programme includes educational about the psychological factors influencing your attitudes, choices and behaviours about yourself and towards you eating.  By first growing your awareness of your motivations to change, current choices we'll use hypnotherapy to support shifting unhelpful beliefs and mindset towards healthier, more mindful eating habits and activities.  


I ran a programme in April 2023 for 4 weeks and am planning another one in Sept/Oct 2023.  

"It won't dream of think of cinnamon...and long for you..."
~ Suzanne Vega

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