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Workplace stress

"It all keeps adding up.  I think I'm cracking up...."
~ Green Day


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Feeling alone and overwhelmed in the overgrowth...?

In my perfect world, I’d never see any Burnout clients as they’d have come here first instead of trudging on until they were crushed under the ‘Super Size Me’ level of stress.  So “well done you” if you came here first, you Star!  Congratulate yourself for that as you know there’s a problem and you’re taking some action to get some help with it (even if you ultimately choose not to work with me.  Keeping looking).

Work tends to be a common cause of stress.  Most people I’ve come across, in any industry, tend to cite the same issues:  constant organizational restructures, tight deadlines, the need to ‘be seen to put in the hours’, feeling ready for promotion but it just never materializes and, of course, how pay rises (if you’re so lucky!) are never in-line with the increasing cost of living. 

The impact of stress on the body is serious.  My first major Psychology essay examined the potential links between stress and illness and the evidence was pretty convincing that your immunity lowers when you’re under stress.  I used to find it odd that the colleagues running full tilt at work would often get sick the first couple days of their holiday.    Now, it makes sense.  People run on adrenalin and fumes, then the moment they can stop, the body says ‘ok, I’ve had enough’ and succumbs to the first germ it likes the look of. (Why am I imaging war-time sailors on shore leave….)

I also subscribe to the Lazarus and Folkman ‘Transactional Model of Stress’ (1984) where people have stressors and coping mechanisms. The problems come from an imbalance where you feel like you no longer have the resources to cope anymore with the number or intensity of stressors anymore.   This imbalance is something we can look at together and look to provide you with techniques for physical relaxation and re-examine what other resources may be lacking and how to address that.

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